💚💜❤ BeeVee's/Conkies/Desdanen/Leos/Marieërs/Sigmates 💛💙

You might think: "hmmm I am already studying here for a while but don't really know people of other associations within Huygens." 🤨 Well at least we were🎊. So, we decided to fold our hands together and brainstormed to the idea of a faculty wide borrel namely the one and only Bacchus Borrelcie Boson Brouwer DAtA PRAC Pre-BeestFeest Post-Valentines Borrel 👩
This borrel will be organized by the Borrel Committees from every participating association. To obtain some real mixing we decided to organize a little 🎱bingo game🎱 in which you can win a 🍺free 🍷 drink 🍸 . Sheets for this bingo will be available at the bar after a consumption.
So, make sure you collect and hopefully find some new friends, or just to cry on someone's shoulder about your horrific valentines!!
The borrel will be held the 15th of February in Giga-Bite from 16h until 21h.💃🏼🕺🏻
🍔Food will be ordered via your own association so please pick it up at your own association as well! 🍕

With love,
Bacchus, Borrelcie, Boson, Brouwer, DAtA and PRAC