become a member

Becoming a member of Marie Curie is very easy and has many benefits. There are several types of memberships:

  • Member; you can become a member if you are studying in the field of physics at Radboud University, are a lecturer in this field at Radboud University or are doing your PhD in this field at Radboud University. The annual membership fee is €10.00. If you join Marie Curie after January 31, the membership fee for the rest of the academic year is €6.00.
  • Benefactor; you can become a benefactor if you do not fall into the above category, but would like to be involved in activities of the association. If you are studying outside the field of physics at the Faculty of Science, the annual membership fee is €10.00, otherwise it is €12.00.
  • Reunionist; you can become a reunionist if you have been a member or benefactor for at least 24 months. The annual membership fee is €25,00.

Students at the ru can sign up through the online registration form.

We request that others use one of the registration forms below. Download the form that applies to your situation, and fill it out. Once you have done so, please email the completed form to .

A privacy statement and photo policy are mentioned in the registration process. These files can be found here:

To complete your registration, the contribution needs to be transferred to NL13 ABNA 0492 9113 55 in the name of S.V. Marie Curie. Please include the following in the description: 'contribution_ [type of membership]_ [full name]_ [academic year]'. If you would like confirmation of receipt of payment, do not hesitate to send an email to .