student wellbeing

Do you have trouble with something, do you have questions about your study, is your home situation not going very well or have you other issues for which you want to receive help? Radboud University has a lot of options, here is a list:

Student advisor: Your student advisor is your first point of contact, a person you can turn to with all kinds of issues and questions. You can ask them about your study programme or discuss your personal problems. If necessary, the student advisor will refer you to a different advisor or someone else who can help. These are the student advisors of Physics and astronomy:

  1. Mw. drs. Maike Becks
    Room HG 00.538
    T: 024-36 53013
    'YouCanBookMe' see the site
    Bachelor, trainer studyskills
  2. Mw. drs. Mijke Campschroer
    Room HG 00.536
    'YouCanBookMe' see the site
    Bachelor: first year
  3. Dhr. Vincent van Eijden, MSc
    Room HG 00.540, thursday en friday
    T: 024-36 52029
    'YouCanBookMe' see the site

student psychologist: This is where you go if you are experiencing disappointing study results due to personal problems, your study performance is affected due to personal problems or you feel depressed or are experiencing anxiety, stress, sadness, or insecurity in your studies. See the site for making an appointment.

Student counsellor: This is where you go if you have special needs, you are experiencing financial problems, you are at risk of a study delay, you have questions about rules and regulations, you are interested in adapted study options or you are involved in sport as a top athlete and want more information. See the site for making an appointment.

Study Trainer: This is where you go if you are procrastinating in your studies or experiencing disappointing study results or if you are experiencing emotional problems that you think are due to how you study or spend your time. See the site for making an appointment.

Study and Career Advisor: This is where you can go if you need advice on or have doubts about your choice of study, your choice of Master's programme, career orientation or career orientation in conjunction with a disability. See the site for making an appointment.

Confidential Advisor: You can go to the confidential advisor if you experience undesirable behaviour, see the site for more information.