ordering books

Marie Curie members are able to order their books with a discount via the study association. Our supplier is the local bookstore Dekker van de Vegt and they built a special website, where you can order your books. The website can be found at: https://mariecurie.dekkervdvegtstudieboeken.nl/. Books can be ordered during the whole year.

On this website the book lists for each quarter for specific years and master specialisations can be found. By ticking the boxes, you select specific lists. For every book it's indicated for which course it will be used and it's also denoted if the course is an elective or the continuation of a course that takes several quarters. Whether a book is mandatory, recommended or optional is also stated.


If you're already a Marie Curie member and have agreed to register yourself for a Dekker van de Vegt account, you got an email aksing you to change your password. When you've changed your password, you're able to order your books without any further steps.

If you're not a Marie Curie member or haven't pre-registered for an account, you have to register as a new user on the Dekker van de Vegt website and create a new account. You can order your books with discount if you become a member or already are. After the order period, the board checks if you're a member and are entitled to the discount.

delivery options

At the moment we have three options for delivery: delivering at the store, delivering at home and delivering at the study association.

When you indicated that you'd like your books to the store, you will get a message once your books are ready at the store. Then, you can pick up your books at Dekker van de Vegt at Marikenstraat 29, Nijmegen. Don't forget to bring a valid ID when you're getting your books.

You can also let your books be delivered at home. For this option you need to pay an additional delivery fee.

Your books can also be delivered to the study association. You can make an appointment to pick up your books at .


If you have any questions or remarks, you can reach out to the board at ! You can also contact Dekker van de Vegt's customer service. Their contact information can be found on https://mariecurie.dekkervdvegtstudieboeken.nl/faq/?lang=en.