Blog 11 May - Koen

Wicher in Studytrip Scandinavia 2023 2023-05-12 19:12

After a long day of travelling yesterday, we had a calm morning where most people of the group came to the breakfast around 9:00.

At 12:10 the part of the group that was still at the hostel met up and went to the institute of today, which was the Medical Physics Department of the University of Bergen.The rest of the group went into the city centre already or hike up the mountain a bit. At 13:00 we all met up and went to the institute.

After we visited the institute a part of the group went back to the bus, but unfortunately that broke down and they had to improvise to get back to the hostel. A few other people went to the bolder hall.

After having cooked som food (or heated it up in the microwave) most of us went to the common room. There people played some games and watched the Eurovision song festival.