Blog 5 May - Dominique

Wicher in Studytrip Scandinavia 2023 2023-05-06 10:52

Today we visited the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA). Starting from our hostel we walked to the institute and saw this church. When we arrived at NORDITA where Odilia, Björk and Bart gave a brief summary about what we will hear that afternoon.
Gerben started with his talk "Spacetime and gravity between Newton and Einstein". After this, Florian Niedermann talked about "Tales of empty space: the quest for the origin of dark energy". He mentioned the vacuum energy as a candidate for dark energy but this is the "worst prediction ever". Besides the physics he also gave a realistic view of being a scientist and to get a grant for research.

After a short break, we get a talk from Nikki Arendse about "The discovery story of gravitationally lensed supernova Zwicky". She drew the graphics in the slides herself. In the talk she gave us an explanation about lensed supernavae and how they found supernova Zwicky. Then Sofia Qvarfort talked about "How large can we go? Pushing the limits of quantum and classical physics".

Afterwards we visited the Scientific Fika. Here we got a talk by Joe Roussos about "Expert disagreement in advising and research". Then we drunk some coffee or tea and there were some sweets. There were a lot of blackboards, so one is now decorated with horses (I can imagine you don't see a horse in every drawing).

We walked back to the hostel and people started cooking.

Tomorrow is a day with nothing mandatory on the schedule, so the perfect day to explore the city or its surroundings!