Blog 30 April - Jeltje

Wicher in Studytrip Scandinavia 2023 2023-05-01 08:36

Today was a free day and what fun we've had! A large part of our group went to Lund to take part in a student celebration of Valborg (or 'sister April'), which officially celebrates the beginning of spring. However, the students mostly celebrate that the end of the school year is near and this is done with a lot of adult beverages and fun. There were about 25.000 people, so it was a good chance to socialize with the locals. In the evening a large bonfire was lighted and this sight was enjoyed from almost comfy lawn chairs.

Those of us that did not go to Lund split into a few smaller groups. Whilst enjoying many rays of sunshine, some of us went to the botanical gardens to see the huge hothouse and pretty plants, some of us went to a food market called Reffen to enjoy the deliciousness that is prepared there and some went for a beautiful hike outside of the city.

Meanwhile, I visited a palace called Rosenberg filled with treasures such as paintings, interesting clocks, a mechanical cabinet that can produce many different types of symphonies and the royal crown jewels.

Afterwards we went to 'the round tower', which is an observatory of the university. The fun thing there is that it has no stairs but instead has a spiraling ramp all the way to the top.
Tomorrow we're going to Lund again to visit the Lund observatory, so stay tuned for the blog of Tomorrow!